Thanks to COVID-19, we said goodbye to in person events and hello to full blown online events.  

    The virtual festival of Spikes Asia x Campaign: The Experience welcomed over 1500 attendees in their 3 day festival this March 1st – 3rd. It’s a place where the Asia Pacific’s creative community sets out for not only creative excellence, but also marketing strategy and effectiveness.  

    To amplify this experience, Happiness Saigon collaborated with Spikes Asia to create a fully equipped metaverse as a virtual lounge for the festival. In between talks, attendees could create their own avatar, connect with other industry professionals, network and play some arcade games. “I think the trick is to create a world that would bring even more possibilities than the offline world”, says Lien Sterkens, Head of Content at Happiness Saigon. 

    You can find our recap link here.

    In the end, the metaverse proved to be an excellent partner of the online advertising festival. A chance, even when everyone’s behind their desks, to come together over the thing we all love the most: creativity.   

We do everything to make people happy. Because happy people make great work. And great work is what makes people happy.

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