How Highlands used tea, the most common Vietnamese drink, to connect with a younger audience
Tea can be considered as one of the most common drinks in Vietnam. You can even get it for free at lots of restaurants. So, how can we make Highlands’ tea “Trà Sen Vàng” become more relevant to a younger audience?

Tea may be common but that’s not all what it means to us. It can also carry our Vietnamese cultural habit: Take a break to have a sip of tea when encountering a problem.

Of course we want to build on actual insights. So we found out that the New Year celebration is, although glamorous, also a stressful time with lots of problems. A lot of our younger minds are struggling to prepare for a new chapter. 

But, fear not, that’s why Highlands Coffee launched the “Trà Đi Rồi Tính” (Tea first, plan after) campaign at the start of 2022, to help our younger friends to fully enjoy this festive time. All they need is a sip of tea to clean their mind and “Tính” (plan after).

So if there’s something troubling you, why don’t you just sit down and Trà Đi Rồi Tính?  

We do everything to make people happy. Because happy people make great work. And great work is what makes people happy.

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