Creative thinking
that triggers business

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Happiness is the ultimate rebellion

Against negativities.
Against impossibilities.
We want to help brands spread Happiness.
Because brands that spread Happiness do better and matter.


Creative thinking that triggers business

Consultancy agencies become advertising agencies (everywhere). And vice versa. Both kinds of agencies now deliver on the whole Value Chain. It’s generally accepted that creative thinking will be more than ever a huge differentiator in triggering business. Client rely more and more on their trusted creative partner for briefings beyond making ads. They know that strategically driven creative agencies can more easily do consulting jobs than consulting agencies can manage and provide top creativity.


From black boxes to white boxes

    Clients are ‘stalked’ by all kinds of agencies that come to sell their ‘black boxes’ and that often ‘overpromise’ and ‘underdeliver’.​ It’s difficult for them to pick the right ones. To prioritize. And to create a eco-system that works. And does the work.​ As a trusted advertising agency, we learnt to:​
  • Apply our creativity to business & markcom kpi’s
  • Write actionable strategies
  • Choose and coordinate taskforces and be accountable for timings, budget and ROI


Big data needs big ideas

Our lives are overflowing with data. We are surrounded by technology that senses, captures, logs and tracks. Algorithms rule the web. With data that seems pointless, until it tells a relevant story and becomes “Smart Data”. Our creative talent knows how to build its big ideas on big data and smart insights.


From customer to customer-journey

The consumer will always be at the heart of all we say and do. The only difference now is that we will know more about his journey than we ever did before, and that we can tap into that journey in a relevant, non-intrusive way to capture his attention or to facilitate his purchase.


From 360° to 3603

Customer-journey thinking means content-multiplication or “complexity”. Complexity shouts for simplicity. Happiness now speaks about “3603 platforms” instead of “360° platforms”. Nothing has changed: simplicity still lies in a relevant brand purpose translated into a differentiating central concept. And, everything has changed: that central concept now needs to be translated into more content, adapted to the stage of the customer-journey.


Fragmentation needs orchestration

Big data means personalization and fragmentation. Fragmentation needs orchestration. Happiness is your orchestrator, using a taskforce management tool that brings all parties in the right direction.


Creative management as curator

The more content, the more curation and canalization is needed. At Happiness, we don’t believe in creativity for the sake of creativity. Neither in strategy for the sake of strategy. More than ever, all messages will clearly have to come from the same brand, with the same voice. To achieve this, we put an experienced “Creative Management” at the center of our processes, consisting of the Creative Director and the Strategic Director, making the bridge between the commercial and creative thinkers. They both are responsible for the creative product presented to you. This internal filter will help your brand move faster and better.


We don’t believe in advertising

Everything is digital. Everything will be mobile. Technology is at the center of it all. The whole traditional advertising concept changed. We changed the advertising narrative from being “reklamish” to being “direct and communicative”. Technology-centric thinking is in our DNA. Proofs are game changers like a car that could design a font. Or iQ Streetview completing the Google Streetview map. Or an online platform where you can experience how many meters you are driving blind while texting.


  • Alan Cerutti
    and Strategic Director

    As a strategic director, Alan is working hand in hand with the creative partners for creative management. To make the idea work against the problem and deliver the required business. As CEO and co-founder he is the shoulder to laugh, cry and lean on.

  • Geoffrey Hantson
    Partner, Chief
    Creative Officer

    He definitely is one of the most recognized creative directors in this world. And a pure embodiment of happiness.

  • Son Nguyen
    Partner, Business and Operations

    Son listens until he understand, works until you smiles and gets the best out of his talented Project Angels. His resilience in making it happen is essential to drive the exponentials (business) results.

  • Nhat Qui
    Partner, Strategy and Performance

    Nhat manages the Connectivity Consultancy and Performance Consultancy unit of Happiness. He delivers the freshest insights into behaviours, channels and data to make big ideas deliver big results.

  • Nichi Gatdula
    Partner, Creative, Concept and Art

    Show don't tell. That is Nichi's driving philosophy when approaching any creative project. She likes long walks to the coffee shop and short clear briefs.

  • Jazz Tonna
    Partner, Creative and Concept

    Likes to keep it simple.


Your trusted and accountable partner
for all your Business and MarkCom
pre-occupations, ​as executer or as
broker with third parties.


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We do everything to make people happy. Because happy people make great work. And great work is what makes people happy.

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